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black lives matter = racist boobs

black lives matter = racist boobs

Everyone matters.

When you place a color as a precursor to your statement… YOU are the racist. 

“There is nothing wrong for Jewish organizations to promote the self-interest of Jews or black organizations to promote the interest of blacks,” he says. “There is no organization to stand up to advance the interests of the dispossessed majority.” So I ask, doesn’t everyone matter? 

Doesn’t everyone have the right to matter most to others? No matter their color or gender? When did bowing to your view and race become a prerequisite to not being a racist? 

I have a better idea, I will put my self and race first.. just like you do, and as an added bonus, I’ll call you the racist, and I do not even have to call you racist names. You already know what you are.


Where are the OTHER history months

  • Asian History Month..
  • Spanish History Month.. 
  • White History Month..
  • Indian History Month..
  • Pacific Islander History Month

I ask because again.. having only Black history is racist.

Should we get to the college funds because I’m sure I have heard about the black college funds. AGAIN, when you add a color YOU are the racist.

Hey I know we should take this up with the N.A.A.C.P.

Or the N.A.A.W.P.

or N.A.A.S.P. or N.A.A.I.P. or N.A.A.P.I.P..

You rely on pity over being too stupid to advance yourself then demand you are treated as rulers or equals.


Lets talk about St.Floyd

George floyd arrest record

Oh wait.

blm = racist criminals
blm poster

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