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The Saint-hooding of George Floyd

The Saint-hooding of George Floyd

George Floyd was not a saint in fact, he was a VERY bad man, and being killed by a brutal policeman does not change a man’s life from bad to good. He was a man of many convictions – criminal convictions, that is, not political ones – and at least one of his crimes was of deep-dyed malignity. Along with five others, he broke into a pregnant woman’s house and held her at gunpoint while his associates ransacked the house for drugs and money. This is not the kind of crime that results from a sudden surrender to temptation. It was premeditated and planned,  albeit not very intelligently or successfully.

George Floyd was not a quick learner. He had several convictions for possession and supply of drugs, yet when he moved to Minneapolis, allegedly to turn over a new leaf, he still took drugs and a video showed him discarding what was probably a packet of drugs when he was first arrested. 

The Black Lives Matter movement was founded by Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometti as the result of what they saw were the unpunished deaths of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, apparently based on the premise that any killing of a black by a white (or Hispanic) demanded vengeance no matter the circumstances.

Black on black crime and death are ignored. It has morphed and been corrupted to the point where systemic racism in the police departments (not supported by statistical evidence) justifies looting, burning, rioting, establishing police free “autonomous zones” ruled by de facto warlords, and the instituting of a new moral code where past slavery means blacks are not accountable for their untoward actions and others must be held accountable if blacks do not succeed.

Through intimidation and white guilt shaming and the media promoting a presumptive moral superiority of subscribers (and moral inferiority of dissenters), millions in contributions and tributes have been garnered, significant portions of which have been diverted to left wing causes and organizations which have impaired and imperiled the black lives they say matter.

The movement is now evil.

George Floyd is a LOSER ASS, DEAD CRIMINAL who got what he DESERVED!


St Floyd's Qualifications.

sainthood qualifications for george floyd

Toxicology screening, pesky truth!

According to the county’s postmortem toxicology screening, which is summarized below and was performed one day after Floyd’s death, he was intoxicated with fentanyl and had recently used methamphetamines (as well as other substances) before Chauvin choked him.

At 6’7 George had enough drugs in his blood stream to sedate an adult elephant!

tox report

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