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WordPress Design

WordPress Design

I remember when WordPress started as a simple blogging platform back in May of 2003. 10 months later Boon-Dog was born and working with WordPress designs. Since then WordPress has evolved to become a content management system and an application development framework. In other words, you can build any type of website using WordPress. 

WordPress is an open source software which means it is free for everyone and anyone can download and install it. Based on your needs, you may be able to use one of the many free templates out there, or you may have to purchase premium WordPress themes or extensions that will have additional costs.

WordPress is extremely flexible which is the main reason why it is a popular choice to build a website. You can use WordPress to build almost any kind of website imaginable!


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You can use it to start a blog, make a small business website, create an online store, build a membership site, sell online courses, run a marketplace, and more.

Here is why I really like WordPress, Unlike other website builders, WordPress keeps design, content, and functionality separated from each other. This allows for data portability. In other words, you can add content regardless of the design you are using, you can change or modify the design without changing your content, and you can add new features without affecting the other areas.

WordPress uses a powerful template based setup to manage the look and feel of a website. This templating allows developers to create a set of templates or ‘Themes‘. There are thousands of premade WordPress themes available in the market.

WordPress Themes
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Learning Curve

The awesome part about WordPress is that it adapts to your needs. It can be as easy and simple as you want, or as complex and sophisticated as you need it to be.

Since you are completely in charge and in full ownership, you can make things simple, control the cost, and efficiently run your website.

Over the years, I have helped thousands of customers learn WordPress, and I have seen them quickly graduate to the intermediate or even advanced level.

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